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Health Evaluation System Training Tues 4/3/18

The 10 Steps To Enrolling A New Customer

1. Get to know people – “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”

2. Share your story
A. How your life use to be
B. Someone shared the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie recording with you
C. You started taking the supplements and you feel amazing now!

3. If I give you a link to listen to the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie recording would you listen to it?

4. When will you be able to listen to it by?

5. Great! Can I call you on ________ to find out what you liked best about it

6. What time is best for you on ___________ (make sure you put that appointment in your schedule)

7. Follow ups with them when you told them you would

8. Have them take the health evaluation

9. Go over the recommendations with them

10. Help them place an order

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The Full Lifestyle Evaluation

Click here to download the full lifestyle evaluation

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The Star Plan

Our Calls

Our Events

Download “The Star Plan” at

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We Are Reformatting Our Monday Focus Call


Paul Kroto here!!

I hope you had a great weekend!

We have decided to reformat our Monday Focus call

There are a lot of conference calls going on

Our goal is to equip, educate, and empower you in the quickest way possible

We are going to move to short videos and short audio clips

Sheryl Morley will be doing a short Facebook Live video every week so you can hear straight from the TOP!

Dr. Conaway will be doing a short audio clip on the product of the week and we will archive those audio clips so you can share them with your prospects!

I will be doing short video or audio clip like this one with a tip of the week… my goal is the help you make constant progress with your Youngevity business.

Every week I will give you a homework assignment that will help you move your Youngevity business in the right direction.

Your homework assignment this week is to watch the video I made last week entitled “11 Announcements in 11 Minutes” found below.

It is critically important that you stay plugged into all the great things that are going on with Youngevity.

We are working day and night to continually improve things so you can grow a more successful Youngevity business.

Our main hub now will be

Here you will find everything you need to grow your Youngevity business!!

Be sure to check out the posts that we have made on this blog.

Also at the top of this blog click on the “Calls” tab so you can see the numbers to all the calls that are important for you to attend every week.

This Thursday will be an extra special day… at 10:30am ET Sheryl Morley and I will be the guest speakers on the Daily Dose call and we will be starting a series on that calls focused on helping you become a better leader.

Then we have our Star School Call at 8pm ET.

Immediately following that call at 8:30 Susan Resner and Rich Stocks will be doing a call called “Connect and Grow”

Are goal is to provide you with a ton of training so you know exactly how to grow your Youngevity business.

Now it is up to you to go out and execute the strategy!

I look forward to hearing all of your on the Daily Dose call this Thursday morning!!

Have an amazing day!!!

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