Star School Thursday 3/1/2018

1. Just got back from Playa Mujeres!  It was THE BEST time EVER!!

2. Become An Owner of Youngevity.. Buy Youngevity Preferred Stock with a guaranteed 5% dividend!  Click here and get a 10% product credit up to $1,000 (Your limit is $10,000 in shares)

3. March Team Challenge!

4. Compensation Plan Training is at

5. We have changed our website domain name to

6. The Main Thing is the keep The Main Thing the Main Thing

What is The Main Thing?

 The book The ONE thing by Gary Keller

“What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Develop An Inner Circle of Great Leaders

If you have 12 great leaders on your team everything else you need to do will be easier or unnecessary!

Become obsessed with becoming a better leader and creating an inner circle around you of 12 great leaders.

I enrolled 12 good leaders… 9 of which have become at least 1 star and that is how I became a 5 star!

Books We Will Be Focusing On…
1. 21 Laws of Leadership
2. 21 Qualities of a Leader
3. 15 Laws of Growth
4. Think and Grow Rich (The 13 pillars)
5. High Performance Habits (6 habits of the mega successful)
76 Topics In All!

Master these 5 books and I promise you that ALL of your dreams will become a reality!!

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