How To Build A Youngevity Business Using The Health Evaluation System

7 Simple Steps To Success…

1. Find– You have to become a great networker and add new names to your prospect list every day.

2. Invite– Take the time to get to know your prospects.  “Is there any chance we can __________?” (meet for coffee or connect on the phone)

Get on solid ground with them.  Invite them to take a health evaluation by asking them these specific questions:

If I send you a free health evaluation would you take it?

Great!  When do you think you will be able to take it by?

Super!! Can we connect on ______ and go over your results together?

What time ______ is best for you?

Put that appointment in your planner

3. Share– When you call them back go over the Health Evaluation results with them.

Ask them… “Are you okay with your Total Health Score?”

Make sure they have 3 solid goals set

Share the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” recording with them by asking them these specific questions…

If I send you the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” recording would you listen to it?

When do you think you will be able to listen to it by?

Can I call you back on _________ to find out what you liked best about that recording?

What time _______ would be best for us to connect?

Put that appointment in your planner

4. Follow Up– Call them back when you said you would call them and find out what they liked best about the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” recording.

5. Enroll– Go over the recommendations that Dr. Wallach made for them.  Find out where there comfort level is with their monthly autoship.  Start with all of Dr. Wallach’s recommendations and work backwards.  At the very least get them on autoship for a bottle of Plant Derived Minerals.

6. Coach– Be a great Health Coach and follow the coaching schedule at

7. Promote– Promote our referral program (3 and yours is free), our weekly calls, and our events.

Once their Health Score starts to go down ask them this question…

Do you have any interest in learning how our referral program works?

Great!  I will send you a link to the short video on that website will explain everything!!

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