The Youngevity Referral Program


What Is It?
It is a simple “3 and yours is free” referral program.  If you personally enroll 3 new people in a calendar month to purchase any Healthy Body Pack, Youngevity will give you a $125 product credit the following month toward your Healthy Body Pack!

You will also receive a 30% Quick Start Bonus on all of your new personally enrolled Preferred Customers and Members.

Here is a hypothetical example…
The average order at Youngevity is around $150.  If you enroll 3 people who each spend around $150 that will be a total sales volume of $450.  The 30% Quick Start Bonus on that sales volume would be $135.

When you add together the $125 product credit and the $135 Quick Start Bonus your total profit would be approximately $260 for just sharing your story and helping 3 people you care about get on road towards optimal health!

The 3 Rules
1. You must personally be on autoship for one of our Healthy Body Packs.

2. You must pay the one time $25 membership fee to be eligible to receive paychecks from Youngevity.  (You can call Youngevity Customer Service at (800) 982-3189 and they will upgrade you)

3. Your 3 people can enroll as either Preferred Customers or Members but they must all enroll in the same calendar month.

How Do You Enroll 3 People?
Enrolling your 3 people is simple with our 3 step system.
1. Invite people to take a free Health Evaluation (Find The Problem)
2. Share the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Recording (Provide A Solution)
3. Enroll them with the correct Healthy Body Pack and Add-On Products

How To Get Started 

Current System
1. Invite people to take a Health Evaluation at
2. Share the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” CD with them ( ($20 for 10 CDs)
3. Enroll them on your Youngevity website (

New System
1. Invite people to take a Health Evaluation on your own personal evaluation website
2. Share the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” recording with them on your own personal information website
3. Enroll them using the personalized link on your own personal information website

Send this text message, email, or Facebook private message… Hello Amy!  How have you been?  I recently had some health problems.  I took this Health Evaluation and found out that I had multiple nutritional deficiencies.  I am using the products the system recommended to me and can honestly tell you that I have never felt this good in my life!  If I send you a link would you take the Health Evaluation?

Once they say “Yes I would love to take the Health Evaluation” send them the link to and give them your email address

Not Interested?
If you are NOT interested in participating in this referral program but you know people who would benefit from Youngevity’s products please invite them to take a free Health Evaluation on your Health Coach’s Evaluation website.

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